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photo Real Estate — Switzerland, Germany, USA

EIKO is an international real estate investment and management company that was founded 1991 in Zug, Switzerland. EIKO is specialized in fitting prime Swiss, German and U.S. real estate investments to the needs of its private and institutional investors.

Through the long-term experience of EIKO's staff in the international real estate market, combined with an extensive network of Swiss, German and U.S. real estate professionals, EIKO ensures that its clients always enjoy a distinct investment advantage.

EIKO is a highly dedicated, service-oriented group, committed to make sure that our clients achieve above-average returns with their real estate investments. While there is a certain level of risk involved in every kind of investment, real estate is an ideal choice to round out any portfolio, simply because it holds its value very well.

If properly maintained and supervised, real estate can yield returns that are very competitive with any other form of investment.

If you are a private or institutional investor looking to obtain more information about current investment opportunities, please contact us today and put us to work for you.


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